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The Ultimate animals quiz

We all love animals, but do we really know them? Come and test your knowledge with the ultimate animal quiz! In addition, it is a great way to learn more about our favorite animals and nature. This great animal quiz will be perfect for all nature lovers and animals of all kinds like lions, wolves and birds. Then, if you like this quiz, you can share it on the networks with your friends. Good luck!

Do you love the farm and its animals? Perfect we thought of you, discover many questions about animals such as the hen, the rabbit or the cow. In addition, this quiz on farm animals will allow you to learn a lot of information about these animals.

The Animals of the Farm Quiz

The dog breed quiz

Everyone loves dogs, try to get 10/10 on this dog breed quiz and show everyone that you are an expert. In addition, the quiz is a great way to find new breeds of dogs that may be right for you.

This is one of the hardest quizzes on our site. We present you the fish quiz, from moon fish to sharks. This quiz on fish and oceans requires a very good knowledge of aquatic fauna and flora. Nevertheless, this quiz will teach you a lot of information about marine species whose names you don’t know.

The Craziest fish quiz

The wild animal quiz

The Wildlife Quiz includes lions, tigers and many other animals. Discover them all in an incredible quiz using your culture of the savannah as well as the seabed. But be careful, the 10/10 is complicated to reach!

Enjoy our animal quizzes:

If you are on our website, you are probably an animal enthusiast, and perhaps a pet owner. And at AnimaloQuiz we also love animals and that’s why we created these quizzes, you can learn more about us on our About Us” page. With AnimaloQuiz we want to please all enthusiasts with animal quizzes. Since we consider the format of the animal quiz to be the most interesting and captivating for you.

Many quizzes are available on many animals, lion, fish, wolf and many others, explore our website and find your happiness. Quizzes usually have 10 questions each, they can be illustrated with pictures or they can be just questions. Nevertheless, we regularly feed our quizzes, so you can do the same quiz several times without coming across the same questions, and that’s great!

At AnimaloQuiz we are close to our community because we know that it supports us and helps us every day of the year. If you are on AnimaloQuiz, you probably come from one of our social networks and we thank you deeply for following us and participating in the life of our community. Moreover, we are interested in all your suggestions, or quiz ideas, we want to constantly improve ourselves. In addition, we want to offer you the entertainment, fun and pleasure you deserve with our animal quizzes.

Discover animals through our quizzes:


Quizzes, in addition to being incredibly fun and engaging, are great ways to learn while having fun! The great thing about learning quizzes is that once you have answered you have the answer and the result directly, you have instant feedback and this allows you to progress very quickly in the field of your choice. In the case of animal quizzes, we promise you that you will learn a lot of new things. Indeed, you will learn a lot of information about many animals, some are funny, others incredible but in any case the answers are true and will increase your general knowledge of the animal.

Our quizzes are also excellent for your memory and use your knowledge often hidden in the back of your brain. Moreover, we find this side of the quiz using our memory to find information learned long ago interesting. Sometimes, the answer to a quiz question about an animal will be more a question of your intuition than your memory and it is quite impressive to live, because generally the first intuition is the right one. We affirm that our quizzes help to develop your memory because they require you to keep information on a subject that interests you, that fascinates you, animals.

What makes us strong is a team, an active and proactive community. Whether it is to propose new quiz themes or to specify, develop, some questions in our quizzes. This allows us to offer a wide range of quizzes on very diverse animals, from a quiz on fish and oceans to a quiz on land and wildlife in just a few clicks.

Our main quiz on animals:

We have a main quiz, which we put on the first page of our website. Indeed, this quiz asks you about any animal. So get out your general knowledge and face our questions about tigers, fish, koalas and even birds. At the end of this quiz you will have a score out of 10, and the ability to share your score on social networks, which we strongly encourage you to do to help us. This animal quiz will be improved every day with new questions. In fact, if you have any suggestions for questions, funny, amusing or even incredible information, we would be happy to include it in our main quiz.

The number of species living on Earth today is 10 million, with only 10% of them listed, or 1 million. Our ultimate objective will be to have a quiz on all its species and it is for this purpose that we will work, it will be a long and tumultuous work. Animals are numerous and exciting, it would be a pity not to learn more about them and their way of life. Moreover, we can point out that many inventions have been inspired by the animal world and nature to see the light of day. What we find beautiful is that every day, almost every hour, scientists and researchers discover new species of animals, new qualities and skills for a species already discovered.

To conclude, the animal world still has many surprises in store for us, we invite you to discover some of them on our quizzes and share with us those you will learn or that you already know.