Animal Farm Quiz

The animals of the farm quiz

A quiz on farm animals for those who are really passionate about this environment. And lots of new pets you’ll love, like rabbits, bison and chicken. In addition, this quiz is illustrated with beautiful images that will make you travel and remind you of the world of the farm and the countryside. So, here we go, have a good trip! You can also try the Ultimate Animal Quiz.

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Why Make a Quiz on Farm Animals

We all know the farm animals, cow, rabbit, chicken and chicken. These animals are known to every human being, but do you know all the particularities, all the characteristics of these animals living on the farm? You see them almost every day, some of you even have rabbits as pets or own a henhouse. Many people think they know everything about these small animals that farmers raise. Nevertheless, we promise you that the farm animals keep many secrets and mysteries about their personality, their habits or their history as a species.

It is in this quiz on farm animals that we will show you the little secrets of these animals we love. The quiz has about ten questions, the mysteries and secrets of these animals being numerous, we will constantly add new questions to this quiz. If you want to participate in the construction of this quiz, we invite you to ask us your questions about our social networks or to email us at:

The farm animal quiz, presentation.

There are many animals on the farm in this part we will introduce you to some of them that you will be able to find in our quizzes.

The cow is part of the cattle family, so like most species in this category it is only herbivorous, feeding mainly on fresh herbs. It should be noted that the cow is the essential animal on a farm because it produces one of the most consumed raw materials by humans, milk. Milk producing cows are part of the dairy cow category, these cows can produce an average of 28 litres of milk per day for 10 months. On the other hand, there are cows that are intended to be slaughtered for meat production, called suckler cows, they are less numerous than dairy cows (almost half as numerous). This may explain why it is often the male individual, the bull, who is preferred by breeders and butchers for meat production.

The rooster is a backyard animal very famous for its famous cry that wakes the village at sunrise. The rooster is a species of bird, first found in Asia and imported into Europe by travellers long ago. The rooster will very quickly become a domestic animal and humans will create farms around this animal to regularly consume poultry meat. The rooster is also a symbol for several cultures, we can take the example of the Gallic rooster which is a great national symbol for France.

The horse is a large mammal compared to these colleagues, it is mainly herbivorous, and feeds almost exclusively on grasses. It belongs to the equine family (Latin name), it is by the way of this Latin name that riding a horse is called riding. The horse has very quickly been domesticated by man since ancient times. Indeed, the horse participated in the movement of heavy loads, the ploughing of fields and also as a means of transport for men.

We have only introduced you to a few farm animals and we invite you to come and discover them all in this 10 question quiz, which is at your disposal.