The rabbit Quiz

Rabbits are very endearing animals with long ears and love carrots in the collective imagination. This quiz on rabbits recounts their history and also their most kept secrets, mysteries that make those who surprise laugh. Rabbits are part of the mammal family and more particularly rodents, nowadays there are 9 types of rabbits that we will try to address in this exclusive quiz of 10 questions about these animals. You can find this quiz and many others in the category of farm animals.


Why make a Rabbit quiz?

We chose to do a quiz on rabbits because this one is an animal very appreciated by humans and especially by children. In France, there are many domestic rabbits that make their breeders happy every day. Indeed, the rabbit is often considered as a cute species with a very soft coat and a rather fearful attitude that certainly makes the charm of the animal. We know that taking a rabbit quiz will please many people because we notice that the videos of this animal posted on our networks are very popular.

It is no longer a secret for anyone, the rabbit is a herbivorous animal eating mainly hay and fresh plants (the myth of the carrot is not so false). Nevertheless, the rabbit can eat some surprising things, but we let you take the quiz to find out the answer to this sentence.

The rabbit is an animal that, it can be said, is at the bottom of the food chain. Indeed, the animal has many predators that are carnivorous. These include foxes, martens, weasels and even, if you live in more exotic places, some large reptiles. The rabbit still has a chance of survival against its many predators, in fact it has very developed senses. To avoid being prey to all predators around the rabbit has developed a 360 degree vision, an asset almost unique in the animal world. You can also admire his particularly developed hearing thanks to large ears, the rabbit can hear the danger coming from very far away. We can say that the rabbit has evolved according to its predators like the sheep.

The rabbit is impressive in its reproductive capacity and Australia has suffered with an invasion of these small animals with big ears. For example, in Australia, rabbits do not have a large number of predators, and they reproduce at a frantic rate. Female rabbits can give birth to several litters per year, each litter giving birth to several baby rabbits. A rabbit couple can give birth to more than 1000 babies if the conditions are good, it is easier to understand why Australia has been invaded by these small animals.