The sheep quiz

The sheep is an animal that does not really have a very good reputation, image. Indeed, the sheep drags behind it the image of a following animal, which does not think and can throw itself into the void if one of its comrades throws himself. Sheep are terrestrial mammals belonging to the ruminant class, they are therefore herbivores. The sheep has a very strong relationship with man, in fact, this animal was one of the first to be tamed by man and has an important place in the history of agriculture.  Discover more quizzes on animals of the farm in this category.

Why make a Sheep quiz?

The sheep does not have the most attractive image, but you will see that it holds many surprises in store for us, the sheep has its qualities like every animal on Earth. It should also be noted that sheep nevertheless occupy an important place in the human imagination. Sheep are part of many legends, and occupy a very important place in some religions, one could even speak of sacred animals.

The most characteristic feature of sheep is of course the fact that they tend to imitate each other without really thinking. But do you know why these animals do this? It is a primary instinct that sheep have in them, when the sheep in their herd feels threatened, they tend to follow the dominant sheep. The sheep then goes, copied the behaviour of the dominant male and it is this tendency to follow that creates the image of the sheep that we have today. It is also thanks to this behavioural trait that the sheep has been domesticated, in fact, once you control the leading sheep, the others follow very easily.

This sheep quiz will help you learn many things, including sheep breeding. The sheep being a mammal goes through a gestation period of about 150 days. After that, the sheep gives birth to a new lamb.

Sheep are very popular for their wool, their fur grows indefinitely, unceasingly. This is one of the main reasons why humans raise and tame sheep. Nevertheless, raising a sheep herd can be a difficult task because sheep are very sensitive and have poor health. We must really be careful with human agricultural products, such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides but also any other pollution that humans may leave in nature.

What is quite complex to manage with sheep and rabbit farming is viral diseases. This is not surprising, as sheep are always in groups, living in herds, viral diseases will spread very quickly within the small community. It is important for the breeder to pay attention to each sheep, and if one of them is infected, then he must immediately place it in a quarantine zone.

To conclude, the sheep is more exciting than it looks, and you will discover it in this exciting 10 question quiz about an animal that you probably don’t know as well as you think.