Dog Breed Quiz

The dog breed quiz

Did you know that there are hundreds of dog breeds? However, do you know all of them? That’s what we’re going to see with this dog breed quiz. Thus, we will explore this vast world, from the most famous races to the one unknown to the general public. So if you like dogs, go for it! If you like this quiz, you can try the animal quiz.

Try some quizzes on a particular breed of dog.

This husky quiz requires a lot of knowledge about this breed. The husky is a mysterious dog with an impressive historical background. In addition, we believe that even enthusiasts with a good knowledge of the breed will be able to learn a lot with this quiz. So, try to get a 10/10, we wish you good luck and maximum pleasure.

The siberian husky quiz

The crazy corgi quiz

The corgi is an exciting dog and very appreciated by the Internet community, many corgis memes circulate on the web. And, this quiz on the Corgis challenges you to learn about this race that people love so much.

Why Make a DOG BREED Quiz

It is often said that dogs are man’s best friend and this is not without reason, everyone loves them and admires their loyalty. Many people wanted us to do a quiz on one race or another, we started with the Husky and the Corgi.

Nevertheless, there are many breeds of dogs, some federations now have more than 400, and it should be noted that every year many new breeds emerge. How is this possible? Every year dog breeders want to create new breeds to bring the best qualities of two dogs. For this reason, the breeders will breed two dogs of different breeds in the hope of obtaining a new breed with the desired qualities.

Some scientists are even trying to classify the different breeds of dogs into categories. These are determined by strong characteristics found in several breeds, this makes it possible to obtain only about ten categories grouping between thirty and fifty dogs. What you need to know is that many current breeds and new dog species are not recognized, because it is impossible to constantly, constantly update these new breeds so many there are.

Quiz on dog breeds, presentation of some species

As you know from the previous part, there are many different breeds of dogs, so it would be impossible for them all to be presented here, or even in our quiz. Nevertheless, we will introduce you to some of them, very popular with the dog-worship community. For this list, we use dogs, the breeds we see most on social networks, you may not find the breeds you like most.

The Shiba is a Japanese dog and one of the oldest breeds of dog. The main characteristic of Shiba is its loyalty and fidelity to its master. The Shiba is a dog considered rather small, in fact it does not exceed 40 centimeters in height. This breed of dog is so appreciated because of its very affectionate and friendly character that will perfectly suit all families. Indeed, the Shiba will get along as well with his master as with the other members of the family, as do the children. What is interesting about Shiba is that it loses its hair twice a year. This is a particularity that allows him to regulate the density of his coat so as not to be too hot in summer, and not to suffer the cold in winter.

The Samoyed is a breed of dog native to Siberia and Russia. The Samoyed has long served as a sled dog for the Samoyed tribes (hence its name). It should be known that this dog was very appreciated, admired and sacred by this tribe. They kept the reindeer herds in order, he was an excellent hunter and the Saturday could also protect and care for the children of the tribe. Thanks to its many qualities and friendliness, it is not surprising that Samoyed has established itself as one of the most popular dog breeds among humans. Often repeated and filmed on social networks, we can really say that Saturdays are popular.