The corgi Quiz

The Corgi is divided into two categories, the Corgi Cardigan and the Corgi Pembroke. These two Corgis have very similar physical characteristics. Indeed, the corgis measure 30 centimeters, it is a small dog generally weighing between 10 and 12kg. For Corgi Pembroke, the colours are mainly red, orange shades and white. While for the Corgi Cardigan we find almost all the colors of normal dogs. Discover more dog breeds in this category.

Why make a Corgi quiz?

The Corgi is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Indeed, the Corgi Pembroke was largely democratized by the royal family of the United Kingdom, which chose this species of Corgi as a pet in 1935, as an emblem of the crown. The popularity of this dog is well proven, just take a look on social networks to realize that many videos on corgis are posted every day. Sometimes some videos featuring Corgis become viral and invade social networks. In fact, it is probably possible that you have already seen one of his videos on our Instagram, for example.

Corgis are “short on legs” dogs in fact they have small legs. He is still known as an excellent guard dog, and a good dog for guarding cattle and herds. Moreover, the Corgi can live up to 17 years, it is one of the longest lasting dogs.
A quiz on the Corgis seemed essential to us, so much this dog is appreciated by breeders, and by our followers on social networks. If the Corgi is such a popular species, it is surely because the main character of this fur ball is to be affectionate. Indeed, the Corgi requires a lot of attention from his adoptive family and his master, a breeder. It is also a dog that will not be afraid of strangers, and will even welcome them warmly.

Despite its appearance as a small apartment dog same as the husky, the Corgi is a very active dog that requires going out at least once a day, it is one of the most sporty and dynamic dogs. Indeed, the blood of the sheepdog flows in his veins, he loves running and playing, he is a hunter he will not be afraid to start chasing rabbits or cats crossing your path.

The Corgi hides behind it many mysteries, including the origin of its name which is uncertain, many specialists are still debating. And it was really this enigmatic aspect of the Corgis Cardigan and Pembroke that pushed us to do this 10-question quiz on the Corgis. In this quiz you will discover some mysteries, secrets that the Corgi preciously hides behind its soft coat. All that remains is to wish you an excellent quiz and we hope you will learn new things about the Corgis.