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Fish quiz for the greatest

Finally a fish quiz and marine animals! Many matey asked us for it. Finally, we did it, many animals such as sharks, dolphins or belugas. However, this fish quiz is quite difficult, so hold on to the 10/10 and show everyone that YOU are the captain. You can also try the quiz on all animals.

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Sharks have always been a source of admiration, of fear for us humans. This quiz is specially dedicated to them so take a dive to get a 10/10. Then maybe you could take a quieter quiz on turtles, for example.


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Turtles are incredibly cool and full of surprises. Indeed, discover their secrets in this turtle quiz. We are sure you will not know all the answers, but you can always try to get the famous 10/10 !

Why Make a Fish Quiz

Fish is a category that includes many, many marine animals. The aquatic environment, whether lakes, rivers, seas or large oceans, is full of many marine species. And it is above all this variety, this almost incalculable number of marine animals that we would like you to discover in this 10 question fish quiz on the fauna and flora in the water. This great diversity is perfect for the AnimaloQuiz team, it will allow us to create many questions on the subject. Indeed, the more species there are, the easier it is to create relevant and interesting questions for you, the quiz lovers. This fish quiz is designed to introduce you to species, animals from the seabed, that you don’t know.

Moreover, marine animals have particularities, specialities, quite impressive, that are not found, of course, in animals living on land or in the air like birds. Indeed, and in the term “fish”, we include all marine species (even if some marine species are not really fish, it is for simplification reasons). This fish quiz will be constantly updated, if you have answered all the questions today, come back tomorrow to learn more about the animals that inhabit our seabed. Moreover, if you wish to participate in the addition of questions about fish you can contact us, it will be with great pleasure that we will study your questions to see if they are relevant to be asked to fish lovers.

As mentioned above, the incredible variety and large number of fish, allows us to make a very wide fish quiz. If you want to hope for the 10/10, you’re going to have to have quite a general knowledge! If you still want to get the maximum score, you will have to be patient, and repeat the quiz several times. This will greatly improve your general knowledge.

Fish Quizzes

The fish, contrary to what some people might think, is an animal that has vertebrae, it is said to be a vertebrate. They have attributes very specific to their natural environment such as fins. Fish have many fins on different parts of their body, such as dorsal fins being implanted at the back of the fish. And the pair of pectoral fins being the most powerful in fish. Animals living in marine environments are the only living creatures with gills, allowing them to breathe underwater. Gills allow fish to recover oxygen from the water, allowing them to “breathe” properly and live in the marine environment.

What you also need to know about fish, and which may be mentioned in this fish quiz, is the diets. Indeed, fish do not have a fixed diet, most of them are vegetarian but there are very many exceptions of fish eating meat. This is the case of the famous piranha, well known as the carnivorous fish par excellence.

What you need to know about the lifestyle, the behaviour of fish in their natural environment, is that they like to form groups. Indeed, fish have a very strong gregarious attitude, that is, they like to live in what are called schools of fish. It is a very common technique in most fish species, allowing them to survive large predators. Usually it is the old fish or the sick ones who can no longer follow the group, who die of predators.