The Ultimate Shark Quiz

The Shark Quiz

This quiz on sharks, a marine animal found in all the world’s oceans, and a feared predator, due to its ferocity and dangerousness, can even be called a super predator. The media have generously contributed to giving this image of the dangerous predator that is the shark, when in reality exclusively five species are considered to be at risk for humans. Discover more quizzes on marine animals in this category.

Why make a shark quiz?

The shark is an exciting species that includes many breeds, there are about 350 breeds of sharks, from hammerhead sharks to great white sharks, this species has many surprises in store for us. And it is important to highlight the diversity, the differences between these sharks such as size for example. Indeed, the smallest shark measures only 20 centimetres while the largest, the whale shark can measure up to 15 metres in length.

Unfortunately, there has been a significant decline in the shark population (the same for the turtle) in the world’s oceans, and the species is even considered threatened. The commercial fishery is a major contributor to this decline in shark numbers. Indeed, the fins of this predator are in great demand, it is not uncommon for fishermen to catch a shark, cut its fin and throw the animal into the sea, leaving it for dead. This quiz will allow you to see sharks from a different angle and discover some of their mysteries and characteristics.

The decrease in the population of this marine animal has many consequences. Indeed, the latter play an important role in their ecosystem, being predators they regulate the life and proliferation of certain species within its natural environment. The shark will, most of the time, feed on sick or old fish, which allows the fish population to have a healthy community, without the spread of disease.

This species is incredible by its physical capabilities, for example an adult shark reaches a speed of 50 Kilometres per hour, we better understand the term super predator. The shark is also an amazing species because of its longevity on our Earth, the first sharks appeared 400 million years ago, it is one of the oldest species still alive today. This is a sign of resistance and a power of adaptation to its very strong, impressive environment. This can be explained by their hyper-developed senses like their sense of smell, which is 10,000 times more developed than ours!