The Turtle Quiz

The turtle Quiz

Finally a turtle quiz! Many people have asked us for it, and we have done it for you. The turtle is a very fascinating animal belonging to the reptile order, it is also a marine animal, even if it sometimes sets foot on the ground. Indeed, turtles can be divided into three main families, land turtles, marine and aquatic turtles. We will try to address the three types in this unique quiz of 10 questions. Discover more quizzes on marine animals in this category.

Why make a Turtle quiz?

The turtle, this animal belonging to the order of reptiles, a species that has survived the times and trials, that has known how to survive in time. Today, there are no less than 334 different turtle species, this quiz covers only a few. It would be difficult and complex to present all of them in one quiz.
The turtle is an exciting gift from nature. With its exceptional capacity to adapt, the turtle is one of the only species nowadays to live in the 4 corners of the globe, on the sea and also on land. Currently, despite its incredible ability to adapt, to resist external events, a large part of turtle species (about 50%) are endangered, the shark is in the same situation. Indeed, with the activities of Man the environment, the habitat of turtles is changed, damaged. This does not benefit the various turtle species, which are increasingly being targeted by more and more numerous and powerful predators.

The turtle is really exceptional because of its diet, what it eats. This is one of the reasons why we chose to do a quiz on the turtle. Its diet varies according to the species, some will be carnivorous, eat meat mainly, others will be vegetarian, while others are a mixture of the two, omnivorous. This difference in diet is largely due to the turtles’ strong adaptive capacities, so strong that it can influence their diet.

The birth of turtles is also a truly extraordinary phenomenon. You should know that a turtle lays its eggs on a beach. Indeed, turtles, depending on the species, can lay eggs once or several times a year (some up to 10 times a year!). The female turtle will then dig a hole deep enough in the beach sand to bury the eggs so that no predators will eat them. The turtle usually lays between 50 and 60 eggs, but unfortunately there are not as many survivors among baby turtles. Indeed, after the eggs have hatched, the babies must reach the sea by crossing the beach. And many do not survive this stage, because the predators are there and eat most of it. This natural selection may be one of the mysteries of the turtles’ incredible adaptability.