The lion Quiz

The lion is an animal that impresses with its mane, its power and its majestic side that makes the animal imperial. It is not for nothing that the lion is nicknamed “the king of animals”, its power, strength and virility make it the excellent predator, the royal animal occupying the top of the food chain for millennia. If you would like more quizzes on wild animals, we recommend this category.

Why make a Lion quiz?

Taking a quiz on lions is simply obvious for an animal quiz site such as AnimaloQuiz. It is an inevitable animal for a real animal lover. The lion is a very symbolic animal, often associated with royalty, kings, the lion really has everything for him.

The lion is a carnivorous mammal, in fact it must eat a very impressive amount of meat every day. He lives and hunts in small groups in the African savannah, his natural environment. The lion is the second largest cat in the world, the first being the tiger.

The lion is referred to as the king of animals because of its majestic and imposing mane, very often compared to a king’s crown, it is the only feline to wear such a mane. It can also be noted that the lioness has no mane. The mane is an element of seduction for the lion, it must be tall, bushy and ample, the more the lion will possess a mane with these qualities the more likely it will be to seduce a lioness. The mane is also for the lion, a way to show his power and virility, the lion with the most developed mane tends to dominate when fighting between lions.

You will have understood that the long mane is a trophy that he proudly displays. For it is also a sign of good health and power in battle, and when this is not enough to impress these enemies, the lion can then roar to impress his enemy. Its roar is incredibly powerful, and you will discover how powerful in this lion quiz.

The lion and the man have a rather special relationship. Indeed, the human being is the one and only predator of this majestic animal, a little like the wolf, by the way. Man has many reasons to hunt the lion, indeed the wild animal is a danger to human herds. The lion is then killed to protect the herds of sheep, cows and pigs that are raised by humans. In some African cultures, men can send a message by killing a lion, it is a way to show courage, valour and also virility to the opposite sex. The lion has also been used in arenas in Rome, the flagship animal of Roman games.

To conclude, this 10-question quiz on the king of animals will teach you a lot of information about the majestic animal that is the lion.