The wolf Quiz

The wolf is generally caricatured by the media as a cruel animal, devouring a herd. The wolf is also an animal of fantasy, the number of tales and legends evoking it are very abundant. We can also talk about the human being who transforms himself in the evenings of full moon into a great and powerful “Werewolf”. A cruel mythological animal, killing and ravaging villages at nightfall. This transformation is seen as a sudden curse by a human being. Discover more quizzes on wild animals in this category.

Why make a Wolf quiz?

The wolf is an animal that feeds the passion and imagination of many humans and animal lovers (hence the large number of stories about it). Taking a quiz on the wolf is an excellent way to explore unknown characteristics of the wolf, an animal often considered pejoratively by man and his colleagues.

Many people think that the wolf is an aggressive and solitary animal, like a lion, this image is really wrong. Indeed, the wolf is an animal that usually lives with its group, about ten wolves and wolves. Moreover, the wolf is an animal that truly fears Man, it is not a serial killer, wishing to eat, devour any living creature moving.

It is important to note that many wolves have been killed by the shepherds. It was an effective way, a preventive solution, for herders not to lose their animals at night. From now on, the wolf is a species protected by the Bern Convention (signed in 1990), it is now prohibited to kill wolves, and any man who does so will be severely punished.

The wolf is a very coveted species, it can be the target of poaching. Most wolves are found in the wild in the mountains, forests and some grasslands. Generally the wolf will dig its habitat, called dens near a water point to have access to it as quickly as possible in case of high temperatures.

The wolf is still a formidable hunter, he has a powerful jaw composed of 42 teeth, called fangs that can measure up to 7 centimeters, in short real daggers. What makes it a highly feared predator is its speed, a wolf in excellent shape can reach a top speed of 50 kilometres per hour.
The wolf has a life expectancy, a longevity of up to 16 years, on average the wolf dies of old age around 13 years, a life expectancy that is found for dogs of this size.

It seemed important to us to take a quiz on the wolf, an animal whose population has been declining constantly and rapidly over the past few decades due to poaching or the lack of knowledge of some herders. We think that to counter this trend, it is important to teach, to make the wolf known to a wide audience so that this community of informed people can then talk about it around them. We wish you an excellent quiz, hoping that you will discover mysteries of the wolf that you did not know.